About Remote Lighting

Remote Lighting empowers users to control their LIFX smart bulb devices from anywhere in the world via the LIFX HTTP API.

Our simple web interface provides a convenient and intuitive browser-based alternative to LIFX's official mobile applications.

We're commited to creating new and interesting features to enhance your LIFX experience.

Most importantly, we're passionate about all things LIFX.

Let there be light!


Remote Lighting uses the LIFX HTTP API to control your LIFX devices.

As with all online services, there are occasionally disruptions which may cause the LIFX HTTP API to be unavailable (planned maintenance, unplanned incidents, etc).

To follow the latest status of the LIFX HTTP API, visit http://status.lifx.com.


Have an idea for a feature, or think we can do something better?

Send a message via the Feedback button at the base of the page and we'll get on it as soon as possible.